Welcome to FAMJAM !

Here you will get the latest information about the FAM-Jam 2014 and every other FAM event. Information about the organization you may find on FAM-München.de and the new global Parkour Community on Parkour.org

Share your experience - give your own workshop!

Share your experience - that's what FAMJAM is all about!

Additional to the movement workshops of the invited athletes we also have a lot timeslots for workshops given by participants.

You can make a workshop with movements OR make a presentation with beamer about theory stuff. You can also just put a topic and invite other to join the discussion.. here are some examples:

FAMJAM Price Philosophy

Backgroundinformation about the organizer
The Organizer is FAM München e.V. which is part of Free Arts of Movement e.V. the first real charitable union (supra-regional association of parkour groups, persons and clubs) in the german-speaking area. Charitable means, all money earned by events, membership fee, shop is allowed to be spend only for the Parkour community, respectively for projects, that have a good effect on the community (members decide on these projects).


FAMJAM Tickets for free!

You are doing Parkour / Freerunning / Tricking videos? You want free FAM Jam 2014 Tickets?

All you have to do is upload a video on your Youtube channel and submit it here or on our Facebook page! In the video you can explain how much you want to get to the FAM Jam, or what you like most about the FAM Jam. Try to convince more people to join the event. 

The most creative and funniest videos win! (The winner will be chosen via voting)