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Level Workshop Coach
Creativity on Rails, Bars & Poles

creativity and cool bar/pole moves as a part of freerunning: "being creative in the rails"

Allround & Outdoor

A pleasant mixture of parkour and freerunning movements in-&outdoor.

Flow & Cat Precision

this is your chance to improve your parkour precision and experience some spanish flow


czech hardmoves: flip combos including obstacles

Fun Movement

Warning: high concentration of epic FUN

Girls Workshop
girly flow and girly power moves!
Méthode Naturelle

„Be strong to be useful“

Photography & Buildering

Make your own parkour video or photo?
Learn about buildering?

Pure Parkour

Back to the roots!
Particular focus on the pure element parkour: urban efficiency

Rail and Parkour Movement

fun, flow, flips featuring clear and detailed explanations

Russian Stuff

did you ever sit gaping infront of a russian parkour video? rhetorical question, we all did!

Strides & Running Precision Jump

"In this workshop you'll learn how to strides, rails precs and do running precs (both big and sma

Team Sickmode 1

mixed movement arts (flow, creativity, overcoming fears, techniques)

Team Storror 1

parkour from A to Z with our friendly neighbourhood boys

Team Storror 2

parkour from A to Z with our friendly neighbourhood boys