Last information before FAMJAM starts

Finally it’s time: FAMJAM will start on Friday the 03rd of july with around 400 participants (50% from countries all over the world, 50% from Germany)!

We now will summarize all the important infos:


Check in / Schedule:

This year the schedule is really complicated, there are lot of parallel subevents at different locations in munich.Please read the timetable ( carefully and create your own event plan before you’ll arrive. Especially: look up all the locations and figure out how to come from A to B (google maps can help).

We will hand out a detailled plan, free t-shirts and wristbands at the come togethers I-IV (see schedule). Make sure that you’ll do the check in, otherwise you’ll not be allowed to take part at any subevent.

The main check in will be on friday at 14:00h at the Thalkirchen Spielplatz ( If you’ll arrive earlier you should meet there with other people, it’s also a good spot!

Don't forget to bring the Declaration of agreement for the parents



Please stop transferring money now, if there are some subevents, that you didn’t pay, you can pay it when you’re here (additional fee +5€).


Overnight stay:

There are still places at the camping ground (, please set up your tent between 07:00 and 23:00h and at the entrance tell the person, that you belong to FAMJAM. You have to pay at the Come togethers I-IV, not to the camping ground owner.

If you don’t have a tent, this is the cheepest option: (7,50€ each night). But it’s on the other side of the city :-/


Workshop/ coaches:

This year all coaches ( will decide spontaneous when and where they will do their workshop. Please ask them directly if you want some particular coaches for a workshop. Otherwise just join the workshop slots in the schedule.



All people who can help setting up obstacles, please just stay a little bit longer at the subevents to help building everything down. Another very important job it to help other participants to find the ways from A to B, to clean up rubbish after the sub events and at the camping ground and to tell people to reduce the noise after 22h.


Attention: If you have important questions, please just call us (+49 1708312411 - only if really important!) or post in the facebook event, we won’t answer E-Mails anymore!


Please share our events and videos (Hashtag: #famjam2015):


our Facebooksite:

FAMJAM 2015 trailer:


We wish you a save trip to FAMJAM!

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