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Journey to the End of the Night - Munich 1st August

0. Registration

Teaserimage for the Journey in Munich

To register for the game, please join this Facebook event. Or write a short email indicating your name to  "johannes (-at-)" The game is free to play for everyone. The required age of the players is 18 years, younger adoloscents only with an authorised adult.

1. Journey

Do you want to discover secret places and unknown streets in Munich? Does a citywide game of capture the flag sound like something you want to be part of? How about a scavenger hunt with a plot line?

Then join the Journey to the End of the Night!

We meet on the 1st of August at 8:30pm at Nussbaumpark. This is close to the station 'Sendlinger Tor,' please look at the image below. There you will receive a map (indicating five secret checkpoints) and two ribbons. The red ribbon you tie visibly on your arm at the beginning, it identifies you as a runner - hiding your ribbon is considered cheating. The yellow ribbon you put in your pocket.

At 9:00pm sharp the Journey starts, and you have to run to the 5 checkpoints in the correct order. You are allowed to use public transportation, however other stuff - like bicycles or skates - is not allowed. At the checkpoints agents will await you, and give you small challenges/missions. If you complete them successfully, you are allowed to run to the next checkpoint.

There will also be people who are trying to stop you. Those are the chasers, wearing the yellow ribbon. If a chaser tags you, you must give them your red ribbon as a trophy; you now put on your chaser ribbon and become a chaser yourself. Your job is now to find and tag the other players, preventing them from reaching the finish.

There are some areas where you will be safe from other chasers: the safe zones. An area for you to rest and recover; these areas will be marked on your map. In addition, all transit stations, trains and buses are safe. 

The Journey ends at 12pm at Königsplatz, the last checkpoint. There will be some drinks and merriment. We will also award the fastest runners and the best chasers.

The game is happening at every wheather - shine or rain.

The start and the goal point can be reached by the U-Bahn U2. Therefore, all participants can go back to the gym at Giesing easily.

This is a purely community based event, put to reality by volunteers, completely non-commercial fun! It has been played in other cities as well, like Detroit, Boston, Venice or Munich (2011). More information on the official homepage or the wikipedia entry.

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2. Survival Hints

  • Travel light. The less you have weighing you down, the faster you'll be escaping chasers!
  • Arrive early. You receive your map at the beginning and can plot your route without time pressure. If you don't have a plan, you maybe run in the wrong direction.
  • When you see a chaser, run! Try to get around a corner and hide or try to reach the closest safe zone. Always know where the nearest safe zone is..
  • Bring a friend or two. Preferably ones you can outrun.
  • The direct route between checkpoints might be the most patrolled by chasers. Take a longer route to reach the checkpoint from another angle.
  • Keep your eyes open. Anyone could be a chaser.
  • Move swiftly, yet try not to draw suspicion. If they start moving towards you, be ready to run.

3. Disclaimer

By participating in the game you also accept those rules:

I am responsible for myself. During the participation in "Journey to the End of the Night' I have to obey the general legal regulations and laws. It is my duty to avoid any dangerous situations in the game. I am allowed to leave the game at any time and at any point. The organization of "Journey to the End of the Night", especially the FAM e.V. and all helping volunteers,  not responsible for any injuries, violations of the law, or property damages.

4. Help us

We still need some helpers, especially for the agents waiting at the checkpoints.

If you have time and want to help, please write a short email to "johannes (-at-)".


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