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!Important! - Information before Travel

All important information - read before you start your travel!

Declaration of consent

Everybody under age of 18 - print and sign the Einverständiserklärung from the parents!

Buy the ticket on the event

If you still didn't pay, you can pay at the event! Please don't transfer money after the 29th of july.


Navigation: München, Frankenthalerstraße
Airport/Train: S1 or S8 to Grand central Station, there change to U2 to station Giesing
Ubahn: U2 station Giesing, exit to Ungsteinerstraße / Frankenthalerstraße, go to the right at the exit
Location Plan: Anfahrt

be careful: Entry to the gym is only on 30.7. between 17-22 o clock and 31.7. after 8 o clock


All important rules you'll find in the Eventguide, the most important: do NOT climb on the roof of the event building!!!

Daily Event routine

Check the Eventguide carefully, there are some Actions simultaneous at the same time

Workshops & Free Workshops

You have to take part at the Coach Workshops. There are also some time slots for free workshops, which are optional. You can also think of any topic and start a free workshop. it even don't need to be organised by you, you can just open an discussion or a little jam. Post your topic at the information desk on the event!


Important: 20€ is for the place for the tent, the tent you have to bring yourself!

If you want to sleep int he gym for 12€, please don't forget to bring your sleeping bag!

Best Shot Contest

Take your camera with you, we have cool prices if you give as nice and funny pictures of the event until 2nd of august 17 o clock. The winner will be choosen on the barbecue party on 2nd of August 20 o clock! You can win cool prices!

Video Presentation in the beamer session

Like last year we will make a beamer session in the evening of the first day. You can show your team video or any funny parkour video of you on a big screen. bring the video on usb stick, we have NO internet connection at the event!

We wish you a great journey!!

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