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FAM organisation joins the Mouvement international

David Belle, Sebastien Foucan and some other members of the founder's parkour group "Yamakasi" just started a new organisation called the Mouvement International du Parkour, Freerunning et l'Art Du Déplacement.

This new organisation follows the motto: "We can be stronger, more useful, have more fun and last longer together than alone". This sentence means all to the FAM organisation: Since our foundation in 2008, we have been working hard to make this motto come true. It's very close to our hearts to support each other, stick together and to create a national and international parkour community in form of an umbrella organisation. This allows us to stand up for each others dreams as one big goup. For example, if you'd like to change the laws so that doing parkour in the urban space would be more accepted, it would be far more effective to fight for this as a big and well organised community. And we are so pleased that David Belle shares the same opinion and idea!

So now, are you also interested in supporting this idea of togetherness? With the following link we are collecting parkour groups, which are sharing the same dream with David Belle and us:

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