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FAMJAM Price Philosophy

Backgroundinformation about the organizer
The Organizer is FAM München e.V. which is part of Free Arts of Movement e.V. the first real charitable union (supra-regional association of parkour groups, persons and clubs) in the german-speaking area. Charitable means, all money earned by events, membership fee, shop is allowed to be spend only for the Parkour community, respectively for projects, that have a good effect on the community (members decide on these projects).

Project FAMJAM - non profit!
The project FAMJAM cleary aims to be the international biggest/best Parkour/Freerunning Jam. To achieve this we try on one hand to keep the price as low as possible, on the other hand to offer a high quality event. It is NOT OUR INTENTION TO EARN MONEY. If in the end money remains, the next years event will be cheaper and vice versa.

Is Famjam expensive?
Many traceures love Parkour, because they don´t need to buy expensive sport equipment and one can train for free at evertime. It is not usual to invest money. On top of that there are many free jams, meetings, trainings. It's totally clear, that the FAMJAM seems to be expernsive at the first gaze. But the JAM is in comparision with events from other sports or even with other big and well organized parkour events, it is very cheap and offeres the best cost-performance ratio!

Sponsors - no guilty conscience!
Since 2014 we decided only to accept sponsors we can deal with a clear conscience. That doesn´t only mean unhealthy products, but as well those, that are not reasonable for traceurs, because of beeing useless or expensive. Maybe you are now thinking "Better have an event with advertisement and therefore cheaper, I am not buying these products anyway". This is not the message. If you go onto an event that advertises for stupid products in any way, you are automatically supporting their advertising impact.

How are the expenses calculated? (ca.-data)
  • 30% coaches journey, catering
  • 25% creating of additional obstacles
  • 20% organization (truck, tents, small materials...)
  • 12% gym rent, compensation
  • 8% t-shirts, promotion
  • 5% insurance, paramedic

Staff is not paid! All 40 coaches and 20 members of the organization team work voluntary to enable you to have a great event.


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