Eligibility requirements

Eligibility requirements for using the website famjam.org

§ 1 area of application - application

(1) Visitors of this website can upload own content at parkourworkshop.com. With that, they become members and have to know and accept the eligibility requirements. Those texts are for informing about existing sport offers and should be announced to the visitors of this website.
(2) The eligibility requirement counts for all agreements and offers, they are accepted by klicking on the "accept" button on the registration document. Deviant conditions, which haven't been explictly been accepted in writing, are not binding for the organizer.

§ 2 liability exclusion / limitation of liability

(1) The participant uploads information about his/her own sports offers. The operator hereby does not become a organizer for those offers. The participant has to legally name the guarantor of this offer.
(2) The organizator indicates, that third persons are allowed to upload informations about their own sports offers whithout control or permission. For damage to persons, property as well as property loss created by taking part at those sports offers, the organisator of this website can not accept liability. 

§ 3 data collection and use

(1) The participants accept, that all photos, texts and videos containing his person will be published without any right to get payed for that.
(2) The participant has to assure, that he or she does own all rights of a pictuere and so does not violate the law by uploading it. 

§ 4 sundry

(1) The german law is valid, even if anyone operates from a foreign country

Eligibility requirements for sport events of the FAM München e.V. or one of it's helping organisations

§ 1 scope of application

(1) The event is held by the FAM München e.V. or by a supporting Organization
(2) The following rules will stelle the legal relationship between the participant and the organizator (Organizationcontract). They are subjected to occasional changes. They are part of the contract, made by the registration, between Organizator and participant. Changes, made by the organisator at the internet or in written form are part of the contract by implication. 

(3) All agreements and offers do base on those rules, they are accepted by the participant during his registration. Differing terms, which are not accepted in a written way, are not binging for the organisator, even if he did not expressly veto them. 

§ 2 savety issues

(1) free/ non supervised training: FAM communicates and lives a sportsphilosophy, which differs from the normal approach: Each Participant should have the chance to develop freely, so that we will offer the non supervised training as often as it seems advantageous. To keep it save, we try to teach expertise for risky situations, a good self-assessment and self-dependent action. This concept is experimental and not tested for any safety aspects.

(2) a dangerous trainings environment: We are offering outdoor trainings and want the participants to climb walls, jump or balance on higher obstacles etc. We also want to imitate those dangerous situation on the inside and do this without mats, so that the participants will have to learn how to deal with those situations and to make the right decisions. 
(3) piece of sports equipement: We are training on our self developed and built obstacles. Although the materials (wood, bars etc) are all tested concerning their load, but theres no TÜV test yet.
(4) The organisator will release special organizational actions at the beginning or during the event. Everyone has to follow the orders of the organisator and the indicated personnel. The organisator is allowed to suspend any participant for contraventions, which could disturb the course of the event or endangerthe other participants. Rechtlich bindende Erklärungen können gegenüber den Teilnehmern nur von dem hierfür befugten Personenkreis des Veranstalters abgegeben werden.

§ 3 registration

(1) The registration for the event takes part before the event starts and is only online. If there are to many participants, the organisator is allowed to deny the enctrance.
(2) The organisator is allowed to disqualify any participant, if he or she has given wrong informations concerning their person and data.
(3) The organisator has to define a limit, which is allowed to be announced at a later moment. Registrations, which are passing the limit, won't be counted
(4) Participants who are not 18 years old will have to bring a decleration of agreement from their parents or lethal guardians.

§ 4 liability exclusion

(1) If the organisator has to change party of the process of the event due to cases of a higher power or official order , there will be no liability of damages.

(2) The organisator is not responsible fot any damage of property or property loss, caused by careless behaviour, excluded are damages

 The organisator it not responsible for heavy damage of property or property loss. The responsibility for not so heavy damages is limited on the amount of the standart liability insurance of the organisator. The organisator is not responsible for unnormal or not forseeable damages. The liability insurance counts for the members, helpers, staff of the organisator or third persons, which are helping or working for the organisator during the event.

(3) The organisator does not take responsibility for health risks of the participant concerning the participation on the workshops, JAMs, trainings. The participant has to check his health before the event starts and has to follow the health tips on the website of the organisator. The participation is at your own risk. 
(4) The organisator does not take responsibility for the stored items of the participants. 

§ 5 data collection

(1) The participants agrees that all photos, films and interviews during the event will be published in radio, tv, printmedia, books or photomechanical copying without him getting payed for that.

§ 6 any other business

(1) The german right is valid, even if the registration took place at a foreign country.