Our biggest event of the year, the FAMJAM will start again this year in Munich! The best part of it: the entrance is FOR FREE this time! We will try our very best, so that tracers from all over the world can meet and jam together. 4 days of training, workshops, trips, barbecuepartys, fun and camping next to the river isar.

Below you will find all further informations about the event! Please stay up to date once in a while! 


2015 Specials

FAMJAM 2015 is different, we have some great new features:

  • We will sleep all together at a big camping site in a beautiful landscape next to the river isar. Barbecue, shower and you can rent a tent!
  • On sunday, FAMJAM takes place on the munich sports festival, you can try a lot other sports and we'll build an amazing parkour park in the middle of the city
  • On monday there is a conference where we want to discuss about the future of parkour, more infos coming soon!
  • Main famjam ticket is for free, so everybody can take part! Side events like cliff diving, etc.. will cost as always.



Please register as soon as possible, even if you don't want to book any side events or a place at the camping site: http://goo.gl/forms/qJV25Bj24X

Please fill in this declaration of agreement if you children are under aged: 



Arrival, Spots

We will meet on July 3rd at the playground in Thalkirchen. There's a location plan on the given link. From there, we will go to the campingground together, where we can pitch the tents and get ready to have a bbq (please bring/buy your own food) at the Isar. On July 5th, there's the Munich Sports Festival at Königsplatz, a spot in the centre of the city. The coaches will demonstrate their skills and you can also train or try other sports. On the afternoon, we will separate into 3 groups: Those groups will be lead by different coaches - you are free to choose your place (max. 50 ppl per group). Each group will take a different route along different spots to get to the main parkour spot, where we will all meet again.

We will often go by subway or bus during your stay in munich, so you'll have to buy a ticket - fare dodging cost's 40€! Here is a list with the cheapest offers for you:

area of application Single Ticket                        Group Ticket (5 adults)
inner district 1 day 6,20 € 11,70€
inner district 3 days 15,50€ 27,10€

Here you'll find further informations:  http://www.mvv-muenchen.de/en/tickets-fares/tickets/day-tickets/group-da...


Coaches, Special Guests

Again we have great athletes all over the world who share their passion in workshops. We keep the coachlist up to date, still some coaches are not sure if they are able to come or not. Additionally, also participants are invited in holding an workshop, please register soon if you are interested, so we can publish the workshops before the event beginning.



What Location When Slots Costs
Basic Event entrance
All outdoor actions, welcome party candidplatz, munich sport festival, no accomodation
munich spots 03.07.-06.07. 500 FOR FREE
Camping camping site Thalkirchen 03.07.10:00 - 06.07. 10:00 300

for the costs see here: overnightstay

LLZ Jam LLZ gym 04.07 15:00 -18:00 30


Adventure Trip (Cliff diving,...) alps 04.07 09:00 - 18:00 50


PSV Jam PSV gym 04.07 10:00 -18.00 150 15€
LTR Jam 1 LTR gym 03.07. 20.00 - 22:00 50 7€
LTR Jam 2 LTR gym 04.07 10:00 -14.30 100 9€
Conference Candidplatz 06.07. 10:00 - 16:00 50 10€ (including food)


Overnight stay

We've organized a big campingground for all participants and will explore as much munich parkour spots as possible. We will build a parkour park at the camping site and we will organize barbecue there. There is also a shop directly at the camping site or a cheaper supermarket near to it.

Camping prices

FOR EXAMPLE:  3  persons in 1 tent  for 3 nights is:  3*25€ for the persons + 3*15€ for the tents = 75€ + 45€ = 120€

  1 night 3 nights
each person basic price (without tent) *1 10€ 25€
place for tent / person *2 7€ 15€
using our big tent *3 7€ 15€
parking slot for car 6€ 18€
power supply (220 Volt) 4€ 12€

*1 you can sleep on the ground or with a hammock in the trees or scaffolding - the price is for using toilets, shower and access to the trampoline / scaffolding / slacklines we built
*2 this price is for putting your tent on the ground. Multiply the price with the amount of people who are in the tent.
*3 For those who have no tent, we will set up a big tent (uncomfortable!)



Theres a kiosk at the camping ground where you can buy food but it'll be cheaper to buy your meals in the supermarked near the campingground! We will provide some free fruits during the famjam and we will sell sandwiches on the trips when there is no supermarket or on sunday (supermarkets are closed then). For the BBQ on friday we'll organize everything but you'll have to buy the food!


Friday, July 3, 2015 - 12:00 to Monday, July 6, 2015 - 18:00

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