Free Workshops

The innovative FAMJAM 2014 workshop-system!

We want to give you the chance to share your thoughts, feelings, passion and knowledge with our huge international community. Every day of the Jam you will have the opportunity to give your own workshop! From different sport activities, discussion-groups, to speeches, the topic is up to you!

Why "free"?

- voluntary participation
- choose your own topic freely
- everyone has the opportunity (as long as there are still free slots)
- free training and free workshops happening at the same time

So if there is something special you are passioned about, you can do, or just want to talk about, share it with the community!

A good workshop needs planing, so prepare yourself accurate.

Already got an idea? Write it here in the comments or contact us (including your wish date/time and your email so we can contact you).
Of course you can also choose a slot at the event (as long as there are still free slots).

Your ideas are worth spreading! 

Here are some of the free workshops, a detailed overview will be published soon.



Origins of parkour  - Méthode Naturelle (Nadja Hahn)

In addition to her practial workshops on day 1 and 2, our main coach Nadja will give a theoretical presentation about Méthode Narurelle by Georges Hébert, its history, values, and content. See pictures and videos, and ask questions why do David Belle flip, why is there animal walk in parkour, why parkour is thought to be non-competitive, where does "be strong to be useful" comes from, ...

Theories behind parkour (Natalia Ivanova)

Natalia Ivanova will present, how your training sessions have an impact on your "mind-set" and environment. Which concepts do we unconsciously use? Are there scientific theories supporting them? These underlying processes can be transformed into personal development in your real life regardless of your level, how, or how much you exercise.

Overcoming fears (Tomáš 'Sahir' Taran)

In addition to his practial workshops on day 1 and 2, our main coach Sahir will give a free workshop. A lot of people have a problem to push their limits forward. The reason is the mind set and self-talk. In the workshop you are going to learn how to break big jumps. It has 2 parts, the practical and the teoretical (talking) one.

Parkour values, philosophy and moral (Arseni Palivoda)

Founder of Parkour city presenting: theoretical seminar on moral aspects of parkour - the St.-Petersburg's way.

In his free workshops of Arseni will be giving a presentation and sharing his experience on all that topics: cooperation with government, the image of the real tracer, using parkour skills and mindset to help his fellow men.

Disabled – ain't we all? Parkour from the View of Traceurs with Handicap (Ihab Yassin)

Mainly, you see “healthy” Traceurs in Parkour. But there are also Traceurs, who do Parkour, although they have a handicap.

In this round, you can share your experiences, whether you have ever made some with Traceurs with a handicap. In the round, you can also ask questions.

Mindset and Mindgame in Parkour (Luke Brandenburg)

Many People know that the key to success, luck and health in every aspect lies in considering the body, mind and soul as one entity in balance. Only few know how it works.

Parkour and Freerunning  as an art, way of expression, or simply sport is no exception to this rule.

Sponsoring (Benjamin Bakovic)

In his theoretical workshop Benjamin will be giving a presentation on how to find a sponsor.


Flip Techniques (Benjamin Bakovic)

In his practical workshops Benjamin will help freerunners and traceurs to learn how to get better in doing flips with his techniques.



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