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Here you will get the latest information about the FAM-Jam 2015 and every other FAM event. Information about the organization you may find on FAM-München.de and the new global Parkour Community on Parkour.org

FAMJAM Price Philosophy

Backgroundinformation about the organizer
The Organizer is FAM München e.V. which is part of Free Arts of Movement e.V. the first real charitable union (supra-regional association of parkour groups, persons and clubs) in the german-speaking area. Charitable means, all money earned by events, membership fee, shop is allowed to be spend only for the Parkour community, respectively for projects, that have a good effect on the community (members decide on these projects).


FAMJAM Tickets for free!

You are doing Parkour / Freerunning / Tricking videos? You want free FAM Jam 2014 Tickets?

All you have to do is upload a video on your Youtube channel and submit it here or on our Facebook page! In the video you can explain how much you want to get to the FAM Jam, or what you like most about the FAM Jam. Try to convince more people to join the event. 

The most creative and funniest videos win! (The winner will be chosen via voting)


Every year in Munich and other cities Fam-Jams take place. The yearly main event of other sports mostly is a world championchip. In contrast FAM thinks, a championchip is not the right way for highlighting this sport. This is the reason we developed the FAM-Jam in 2009. An event based on the thought to bring artists from different nations together to make a unrivaled learning and training possible and to have a lot of fun:


Carnival-Jam 2014

At the carnival weekend in the gym in Giesing takes place a giant carnivals-jam .

We expect more than 150 guest from all parts of Germany. International guest like Jesse Peverill, Tomáš Sonik Zonyga, Toby Segarrr und Vladimir Koldaev join too. From on friday afternoon till sunday evening there will be a lot of Parkour, Free Running und Tricking action. For those, who want more of the Fam Jam feeling it is possible to sleep in the gym. Notice that we celebrate carnival on saturday, so don´t forget to dress up!